P5 Museum Based Learning

In collaboration with MOE, the National Heritage Board (NHB) has launched the Museum-Based Learning (MBL) programme. The MBL programme by Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) is targeted at Primary 5 students. 

In their small groups led by the Museum Educators, Primary 5 students will visit the Indian Heritage Centre to learn about the culture and heritage of the Indian community in Singapore, their contributions to Singapore through the theme of Indian cultural art forms (performing arts). Students will also explore the galleries at the Indian Heritage Centre and the Little India precinct to understand the various trades and businesses that have been there for generations.

NHB has engaged a pool of Museum Educators to lead and facilitate interactive learning experiences for school groups visiting IHC. This learning journey to IHC will complement the National Education and Social School Studies (Primary 5) curriculum. 

  • Recognise the contributions made by the Indian community in the development of Singapore.
  • Understand how the different influences from diverse cultures have shaped Singapore’s multi-cultural heritage.
 Learning Experience
  • The multi-sensory learning experience will include story-telling, tactile objects learning, hands-on activities.
  • Tours of the museum’s permanent exhibition galleries to enhance the experience of the students at the museum and to support learning in an engaging manner.

Please take note of the following:

  • The MBL programme is strictly for Primary 5 students only. For other levels of students, teachers may opt for guided tours or self-guided visits. Refer to the School Visits page for more information on guided tours and self-guided visits.

  • NHB has launched, BookMuseums, a school booking portal for teachers to directly book school visits to NHB institutions. With effect from May 2022, all schools are to book their MBL visit to IHC via BookMuseums.

  • Teachers are to use their MOE email address and Singpass to login to BookMuseums.

  • IHC’s MBL programme runs from Tuesdays – Fridays during ACADEMIC CALENDAR only. The centre is closed on Mondays and does not offer MBL during school holidays.

  • Duration of MBL programme: 2 hours. MBL timings are fixed. Tour will not be extended for schools that arrive late at IHC.
  • Tour duration does not include snack time for students. Schools are to arrive at IHC earlier at least 20 minutes earlier if snack time is required.

  • Slots are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Teachers are encouraged to maximise the capacity allowed for each slot as much as possible. Please REFRAIN from booking for one class per slot unless the school's Primary 5 cohort is small.  

  • Schools are encouraged to arrive at least 15 mins earlier for briefing by IHC team before the learning journey commences.

  • Students will be provided with an activity booklet for them to do as they visit the 7 MBL stations.

  • Cost of programme: $8 per student. Schools will be billed based on actual number of students who visited IHC.
  • Do not overbook more slots than your school requires. Please be considerate of other schools that are trying to book their MBL slots.
  • Priority goes to the Primary 5 cohorts for IHC's MBL programme. For Primary 4 & 6 cohorts, please check out the MBL programmes offered by Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery (P4), Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery (P4) & Asian Civilisations Museum (P6).

 MBL Programme in 2023
  • IHC's 2023 MBL calendar will be available for booking in October 2022 onwards.
  • MBL slots for 2023 are as follows: 
    • i. 9am - 11am
    • ii. 12pm – 2pm
    • iii. 2.30pm – 4.30pm
  • Maximum capacity: 100 pax. Students will be guided in groups of 14-15 pax per group.

For enquiries regarding IHC's MBL programme, please contact us at NHB_IHC@nhb.gov.sg

For technical assistance regarding BookMuseums, please reach out to our IT team at NHB_Digital_Services@nhb.gov.sg.