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Deepavali Resources

Deepavali 2022 Activity Kits

Deepavali 2022 Activity Kit 


Discover all about Deepavali and how the festival of lights is celebrated in Singapore! Have fun making craft activities related to Deepavali found within the activity kits!

 deepavali presch

Download here.


Deepavali 2022 Activity Kit



 deepavali pri

Download here.





Pongal Resources


Pongal Activities

2023 Pongal Resources 

 Download our new Pongal resources to learn more about the festival. Join the numbers to reveal the cow; discover the Pongal recipe through our crossword puzzle; check out our Pongal learning portal (below) to find the answers to our third activity sheet! Have fun!


Pongal join the numbers


1. Join the numbers to reveal the cow

2. Pongal recipe crossword

3. Fill in the blanks


Pongalo Pongal  E-Resource


Experience Pongal at home or your school with our first ever Pongal online learning portal! Now available in both English and Tamil. Click on the link for the learning portal.

Pongalo Pongal

Colouring Sheet


 Pongal Colouring




Maze Activity


Pongal Maze Activity Sheet


Pongal Activity Sheet


Pongal Activity Sheet


 Pongal Word Search  Word Search   (download)
 Pongal Know Your Numbers Know Your Numbers   (download)
 Pongal Match Pictures to Words  Match Pictures to Word (download)


Permanent Galleries

Let your children have a fun and enriching museum experience at the Indian Heritage Centre's permanent galleries! With puzzles, quizzes and eye-catching visuals, the Discovery Kit is sure to captivate! Pick up a copy of the Discovery Kit at the Visitor Services Counter.

Discovery Kit

(Lower Primary/English)



(Upper Primary/English)




(Upper Primary/Tamil)



*Due to large file size, please allow 3-4 minutes for download.


Special Exhibition


Chetti Melaka of the Straits -
Rediscovering Peranakan Indian Communities

(Upper Primary - Lower Secondary)

*view online exhibition here







From the Coromandel Coast to the Straits -
Revisiting Our Tamil Heritage
(Upper Primary - Lower Secondary)

*view online exhibitionhere







*Due to large file size, please allow 3-4 minutes for download.


Additional Resources


Little India Heritage Trail



Take a little trip around Little India with this fun heritage trail activity booklet for kids!

Download Little India Activity Book



Stay Home Activities & Resources

Deepavali Craft Activity


Deepavali is one of the many festivals celebrated by members of the Indian community.

Light up your Deepavali celebration by making your own oil lamps and celestial swan decoration.

Download Deepavali Oil Lamp Activity

Download Deepavali Celestial Swan Activity

Learn about the Chetti Melaka Community


Discover the Chetti Melaka community through these folding activities!

Create your own Chetti Melaka dolls and learn more about the unique culture of the community.



Download Chetti Melaka Talapa (Headgear)

Download Chetti Melaka Kampong

Download Chetti Melaka Doll

Traditional Indian Games


Traditional Indian games encourage social interaction among children, teach important moral values and build strategic thinking and motor skills.
Download these traditional Indian games and play them at home!


Aadu Puli Aatam (A Game of Goats and Tigers) - Printable

Parama Padam Board Template

Parama Padam Dice Template

[VIDEO] DIY Pallanguzhi

[VIDEO] How to Play Pallanguzhi

[VIDEO] DIY Parama Padam (Snakes & Ladders)

 Christmas Craft Kit  Christmas Activity Kit

 This Christmas, spread some festive cheer with beautiful Indian motif inspired Christmas crafts with our Christmas Activity Kit! 

Christmas Activity Kit 


Racial Harmony Day Resources

RHD image 

Browse through ourRacial Harmony Day catalogue where you will find a collection of educational resources on our collections and exhibition content to learn more about the various aspects of the Indian, Malay, and Chinese communities in Singapore.Choose from resources such as storytelling, instructional videos, and craft activities, to complement your Home-Based Learning or classroom activities.


Click here to access the catalogue.

National Day Resources


Browse through ourNational Day catalogue where you will find a collection of educational resources on our collections and exhibition content to learn more about different cultures and ethnic communities in Singapore.Learn more about the history and developments of the different communities in Singapore with the National Daycatalogue.


Click here to access the catalogue.

Deepavali 2021 Resources

Deepavali Resources Website Image 

Browse through our Deepavali catalogue where you will find a collection of educational resources on the Festival of Lights. Learn more about the festival through craft activities and videos on how Deepavali is celebrated in Singapore. Download our Informational Starter Guides for Pre-schoolers and Primary School students to complement your Home-Based Learning or classroom activities.


Download the following resources here:


-Informational Starter Guide for Preschool

-Peacock design greeting card

-Lamp design greeting card

For Primary School

-Informational Starter Guide for Primary School

-Cross-word puzzle

Resources for various ages

-Deepavali Resources Catalogue



Colour Our Collection



Add colour to our collections by trying outthese colouring sheets! Suitable for ages 10 and up.


Little India 2

Kitchen Essentials


Create Your Own Artefact



Explore our galleries through a series of themed activities! Suitable for children aged 5-10.

Colour - Traditional Indian Clothes

Fold - Make Your Own Mini Kavadi (Religions and Festivals)

Solve - Who Are They

Rangoli Art


Make your own Rangoli art at home using these templates!

Fill in the spaces with coloured sand, beads or rice.

You could also colour them in using coloured pencils to create your own Rangoli artwork.

[VIDEO] DIY Rangoli Art

Rangoli Pattern

Rangoli Pattern (2)

Pongal Cow




Deepavali Oil Lamp