Group Booking

Prior booking is required for all group visits with more than 15 people. Listed below are guidelines to facilitate planning of your visit to the museum.

For Schools

With effect from May 2022, all schools are to book their visits to Indian Heritage Centre via the newly launched BookMuseums portal. For information, please visit this link. Please note that bookings must be made at least 6 weeks prior to the actual date of visit. Submission of group booking form from schools/educational institutions will not be accepted. 

For Corporates

To make a group booking, please fill in the group booking form and email to



All group booking must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the actual date of visit.



  • Private guided tours are only available for group bookings.

  • Regular tours are available for the general public. Please find more information here.
  • Duration of each guided tour is approximately 60 minutes

  • Requests for guided tours are subject to the availability of guides
  • Guided tours are free for social welfare organisations, MOE schools and selected educational institutions. Guiding fees apply for corporate organisations, non-profit organisations and government agencies at $150 per guide for 60 minutes.

  • Booking fees will not be refunded for any booking cancelled less than thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the tour/programme. Full booking fee for the tour/programme will be chargeable to the School/Company/Organisation.

    In the case of a no-show by the School/Company/Organisation on the actual day, the full booking fee for the tour/programme will be chargeable to the School/Company/Organisation. No-show applies when client is late for more than 15 minutes without notification. Any scheduled tour/programme shall be automatically cancelled after 15 minutes of no-show and full fees will be charged to the School/Company/Organisation.

    Should the Centre initiate cancellation of booking due to unforeseen circumstances, Indian Heritage Centre shall endeavour to inform the School/Company/Organisation at least thirty (30) days prior to tour/programme commencement and refund the booking fee in full. Indian Heritage Centre will, however, not bear responsibility for travel expenses or any costs which the School/Group/Company might have incurred.
  • Please be punctual for your guided tour. The tour will be cancelled for late-comers who arrive 15 minutes past the scheduled tour time.



Indian Heritage Centre's galleries are designed to be viewed with the audio and AR guide. Complimentary use of hand-held device is subject to availability.

You may request for the hand-held device upon arrival at the visitor service desk.



For bus drop-off, you may inform the bus driver to alight the group at Clive Street. Please note that buses are not allowed to park on Clive Street.



When you arrive at IHC, please proceed to the Visitor Services Counter (Level 1) to purchase your tickets. Do also print out a copy of the email confirmation, should there be any disputes.

  • You are strongly advised to adhere to your allocated timing/time slot. Should you arrive late, priority will be given to other groups and your group may be subject to waiting time.

  • For late-comers, please inform the Visitor Services Counter at 62911601 at least one hour before the scheduled time of visit.



Please proceed to the Visitor Services Counter (Level 1) to make payment of your admission and guiding fees for corporate groups before your visit. The following mode of payment is accepted:

  • Admission fees: Cash/ Nets/ Visa/ MasterCard/E-invoice (advance payment)
  • Guiding fees: Cash/ Nets/ Visa/ MasterCard/ Cheque/ E-invoice (advance payment)