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Pongal in the City

Pongal in the City

In Singapore, Pongal is not a public holiday like Deepavali, but it is still widely celebrated here as a thanksgiving festival. While farming is not widely practised in Singapore, the festival is still relevant in the urban city. It gives an opportunity for us to celebrate and give thanks to Mother Nature for providing us with food. It is also an opportunity to strengthen ties with family.

In Singapore, Little India becomes abuzz with festive celebrations. The Indian Heritage Centre, together with the Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association (LISHA) organizes a variety of programmes and activities to celebrate this festival.

Watch the video to find out how a Singaporean family celebrates Pongal!

Pongal in the City

Quiz Time

Question 1
What do families do on the morning of Surya Pongal?
Have an oil bath
Clean their house
Cook Pongal at home
Question 2
In Singapore, how do families most commonly celebrate Pongal?
They gather together and have a delicious feast
They exchange gifts and money packets
They go out as a family
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