Museum-Based Learning Programme Bridging Experiences Across Generations

What was one way to ascertain your milk delivery was fresh in yesteryear Singapore? Easy. Swing your door open. Sometimes, multitasking cowherders would make milk drop-offs to customers with bleating cows and sheepish goats in tow. As they grazed, the milkmen milked and residents looked on.

Our life-size milkman figure at the Indian Heritage Centre is one of several visual reference points capturing snippets of our past, inviting younger visitors to connect creatively with our history — many of whom would have only ever purchased milk from a school canteen or the supermarket.

With this in mind, we’ve co-developed a specialised programme alongside the Ministry of Education for Primary 5 students as part of the nationwide Museum-Based Learning (MBL) initiative.

Trained to engage with children, our ensemble of passionate Museum Educators thematically impart vignettes and insights into the culture and heritage of the Indian community in Singapore, drumming home essential takeaways across seven pre-defined stations. The multi-sensory learning experience includes storytelling with hands-on activities and interactive tactile objects.

Designed to complement the National Education and Social School Studies (Primary 5) curriculum, the programme will also take students through the vibrant Campbell Lane with stops at key landmarks. Students will be regaled with stories on the area’s long-standing trades and businesses, among other exciting highlights. By the end of the day, the young attendees will be able to walk away with a keener understanding of the community’s contributions towards the development of Singapore and better appreciate their imprints on the city’s multi-cultural fabric.

Book Your Visit

Educators can book a MBL visit to our centre via the National Heritage Board’s BookMuseums portal. The site is only accessible to educators so please ensure you have your Singpass details and MOE email address to log in. Do note that a 6 week lead time is required. Connect with our teammates at if you need technical assistance.

Read our FAQs for more information. Drop us a note at should you have further enquiries about our programme. Thank you and see you soon!