The Indian Heritage Centre has published several books complementing our permanent gallery and special exhibitions — explore the treasure trove of knowledge and insights into the rich and diverse culture of the Singapore Indian Community. For more details on each publication, click on the links below.

Singapore Indian Heritage

The Singapore Indian Heritage publication contains a series of essays and catalogue entries of over 300 artefacts, photographs, and documents. The publication traces the history of Singapore's Indian community from pre-colonial times to their contributions to nation building and current dynamics.

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ISBN: 9789811135095
Editors: Rajesh Rai and A. Mani
Language: English
Format: Print book
Pages: 556
Publication Date: 2017

More Details
Singapore Indian Heritage IHC
Chetti Melaka Of the Straits: Rediscovering Peranakan Indian Communities More detail
Once upon a Time in Little India More detail
Sikhs In Singapore: A Story Untold More detail
Sojourners to Settlers: Tamils in Southeast Asia and Singapore (English) More detail