Group Booking An Ode To The People, For The People

Chai-wallahs, washermen and sepoys were some of the 1st Indians to arrive in Singapore. Soon after, builders and businessmen joined them. A fair number planted roots. Their practices, skills, trades and customs have since become an integral part of our fabric.

The Indian Heritage Centre is an ode to this diverse group of people. Our people-centric galleries — stitched together with the input of numerous individuals and organisations — reflect this running theme of diversity.

Designed to serve young and old from all walks of life, our centre is the perfect spot to delve deep into the stories of Singapore’s Indian communities and better understand the 4,500 years of history behind their arrivals and contributions.

So gather your friends, families and/or colleagues for an enriching group tour of our space! Make a booking ahead of time with us if your party comprises more than 15 people.

Your group can opt in for a paid guided tour or visit our centre on your own.


Private guided tours are available for corporate and organisational group bookings, subject to the schedule of our guides. Each tour is about 60 minutes and costs $150 per guide for corporate groups, non-profit organisations and government agencies. Tours, however, are free for social welfare organisations and the like.


Explore our centre on a self-guided tour with your group! We’ve prepped ahead of your visit. Our galleries have been calibrated, designed and decked out with large interactives and touch screens!

Music, short films and personal virtual guides, will complete the “exclusive insider” experience we’ve laid out for you.


All group bookings must be submitted at least 6 weeks ahead of time. To make such a booking, please fill in this form.

Read our FAQs on group bookings for more information.

If you’re here on behalf of an educational institution under the Ministry of Education, head on over to this page instead.