Volunteer Guide Visitors On A Riveting Tour Of Our Galleries

Humans have been telling stories from the get-go. Storytelling and the transmission of our past help fold meaning into our present with the sacred ability to inform our future.

Eager to transmit knowledge across generations? Take on the role of storyteller and guide our visitors on a journey across time beginning in 1st century India. Pepper visitors’ experience with anecdotes, articulate thought-provoking insights, and help unfurl our centre’s distinct medley of history.

We welcome you to join us as a volunteer guide via the following guiding organisations:

  • Non-profit society Friends of the Museums (Singapore) which has devoted itself to providing guiding services to support the city-state’s museums and heritage-related institutions. It runs a programme to train volunteers to guide at our centre during weekdays. If you would like to become a docent with the society, drop them an email at training@form.sg.
  • The Museum Volunteers group recruiting English, Tamil and Mandarin speaking guides to take visitors through our centre on weekends and public holidays.
  • RECRUITMENT DRIVE: Refer to this link for more details on IHC Museum Volunteers recruitment drive commencing in February 2024.

Join the group if you have a thirst for continuous learning and a passion for the art, history and culture of Singapore's Indian community. Email us at nhb_ihc@nhb.gov.sg to find out more.