Ente Veedu, My Home: Malayalees in Singapore

Co-curated by the Indian Heritage Centre and members of Singapore’s Malayalee community, Ente Veedu, My Home: Malayalees in Singapore offers a fascinating glimpse into the rich history and heritage of the Malayalees – the second largest sub-group within Singapore’s Indian population.

Embark on a captivating journey through four zones, where you will uncover the roots of the Malayalees and their dedication to preserving their cultural heritage, forging a distinctive identity and fostering a sense of home and belonging in Singapore.



Zone 1 - Kerala to Singapore

The exhibition commences with an introduction to the ancestral home of the Malayalee community – Kerala, popularly known as “God’s Own Country” for its vibrant culture, tranquil backwaters, rich biodiversity and lush green landscapes. It then delves into the journey undertaken by Malayalee migrants from Kerala to Singapore throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.


Zone 2 – Ente Singapore: My Singapore

In the second zone, discover fascinating tales of the Malayalee community’s arrival, settlement and contributions in Singapore. Witness how the early Malayalees joined forces to form associations and settlements, nurturing a strong sense of community. Their remarkable achievements spanned various domains, including the government, politics, trade unions, military and naval bases and law. Engage with digital interactives that showcase the community's steadfast dedication to preserving the Malayalam language and cherished traditional art forms like the captivating Kathakali.


Zone 3 – In a Malayalee Home

Step into this zone to immerse yourself in a Malayalee household, where sights, sounds, scents, textures and tastes intricately define the living traditions of Malayalee families. Discover the intangible cultural facets, ranging from festive celebrations to tantalising cuisine and traditional attire. A noteworthy feature of this zone is the colourful floral arrangement known as athapookalam, meticulously crafted by members of the Singapore Malayalee Association’s Ladies Wing.


Zone 4 - Malayalees in Singapore

Conclude your journey with a photographic and video installation that present a convergence of the past, present and future of the Malayalee community. The photographic display, a collective effort featuring contributions from the Malayalee community, illustrates the community’s evolution from the yesteryears to present day.

Looking ahead to the future, the zone also unveils the voices of ten Malayalee youths, aged between 15 and 35, who share contemporary insights on home and identity, in an engaging and thought-provoking video installation.


Special exhibition child-friendly activities:

i. Explore our special exhibition galleries with our specially curated Young Explorers Tour: Parent-Child Guide. Download here.

ii. Visit our Katha & Kali digital interactive within the special exhibition gallery on level 2.

iii. Pick up our Theyyam mask template at IHC and create your own Theyyam mask!


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